Rye High School 1974 Alumni

Susan Badenhausen
Susan Badenhausen Eldridge

A Liberal Arts (English) Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)

MSPM (Project Management) City University of Seattle

It is better that I start with the present, and work slightly backwards. The distant past is scattered and irrelevant. I am married, since October 2006, to Douglas Eldridge and have no children. Doug has 2 sons from a previous marriage that are both full-grown. My parents and all 4 siblings are still alive and healthy, scattered throughout New York and New England. My husband and I live in Ellington, Connecticut.

I am approaching my 20th anniversary for working at Pratt & Whitney. I am currently a System Administrator on our Primavera implementation, which manages integrated scheduling for our military programs. I have been doing this since the beginning of 2008. I have held a number of positions in a number of organizations within P&W over the previous years.

I volunteer for the Power to Read program at Hockanum Grammar School in East Hartford. The program, co-sponsored by Pratt & Whitney and The Raymond Foundation provides one-on-one tutoring with students to enhance their reading skills, bringing them up to grade level.

My hobbies are reading, quilting, kayaking, and yoga.

Pam Rubem Golum
Pamela Ruben Golum
Valley Village (Los Angeles) California

BA Communication – University of Colorado 1978

Married – Rob Golum – September 1983
Daughters Caroline, 21 and Jennifer, 19 – both college students in NYC

President/Entertainment – The Lippin Group – global entertainment marketing and PR firm

I have been an entertainment publicist for over 25 years, and currently serve as the chief spokesperson for Dick Wolf and the Law & Order branded series, as well as the TV Academy/Emmy Awards. I currently represent (or have represented) hundreds of projects, primarily in the corporate television area, including Jaclyn Smith and her company, High School Musical 1 and 2 and Hannah Montana for The Disney Channel, DirecTV, The Golden Girls, Twentieth Century Fox International, MGM Television, producers and directors, and other corporate clients.

I am a past Vice Chairman of TPEC (Television Publicity Executives Committee) and I have been a guest speaker at Stanford’s MBA program, NYU, UCLA and Cal St. Northridge. I am also on the board of directors of the Acoustic Neuroma Association and I am very active in the Los Angeles-based Alliance for Children’s Rights, a non profit organization that provides legal services for at risk youth in foster care.

I try to get to NY as often as possible to see my daughters – Caroline is a senior studying directing at School of Visual Arts and Jenny is a sophomore at NYU. My husband, Rob is an editor at Bloomberg News, based in L.A.


Sally Breen

Sally Rogers Breen

I completed Syracuse University (eventually!) with a BFA.  Then, moved to NYC, Falls Church, Va and Rye raising our 2 boys.  Now, my obsession with painting is currently inspired by living in such a beautiful place as the east end of LI.

Dan and I moved to Water Mill from Rye after our two sons completed RHS.  Kevin works for Barclays, is married to Dawn and as of December 23rd 2008, made me a grandma with the birth of our granddaughter, Amalia Eileen.  Justin will have been married by the time of the reunion to Susanne.  They live in Liege, Belgium and work for Steelgate, a biomedical specimen storage company.

My time is split between Water Mill and NYC.  A friend and I started a directory for artists & musicians called the Local Art Rag.  It is in its second year.

My husband of 31 years this August, Dan, works at Citigroup and loves being a grandpa to a little girl!

I look forward to seeing you all!




Lisa Goldberg

Lisa Goldberg, PhD

Executive Director

MSCI Barra

Lisa Goldberg is Executive Director [in the Research department] at MSCI Barra. She is responsible for Analytic Initiatives and Talent at the company. She also serves as Adjunct Professor of Statistics at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Goldberg is a leading academic and professional in quantitative finance. She is the primary architect of MSCI Barra’s extreme risk and credit models and has been awarded three patents. Her wide-ranging studies currently focus on risk in turbulent markets, credit risk, index construction, as well as models for green investing.

Prior to joining MSCI Barra in 1993, Dr. Goldberg was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, City University of New York, The Institute for Advanced Study, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques and Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. She has received numerous academic awards including the prestigious Sloan Fellowship.

Dr Goldberg publishes extensively in academic and industry journals. She serves on the editorial board of two Springer book series and on the advisory board of the Center for Innovative Financial Technology at UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School. She is co-author of “Portfolio Risk Analysis,” published by Princeton University Press Finance Series.


Brian Leader Family

Brian Leader

I need to apologize for posting a resume instead of a bio. Here goes a revision…

I’m sitting at my computer in my house in La Crescenta, CA.  Helicopters are flying back and forth dousing flames in the neighboring community of La Canada.  This is the closest the fires have come since I’ve lived here.  So far we haven’t had to evacuate.  So it goes every year in SoCal, where I’ve lived since the late 80s.

After high school I went to college for a couple of years, quit, and hitchiked out to San Francisico with my girlfriend.  I worked in a kite store and and played classical guitar at Fisherman’s Wharf.  After a couple of chaotic love relationships, I moved back to the east coast and finished two engineering degrees at B.U. and R.P.I.

I moved to Los Angeles and went to work in the aerospace industry.  I only did that a couple of years – corporate life isn’t for me it seems.  I then spent time in Seattle and Northern CA, moved back to L.A. again, started a software development company, and went to music school.  In Seattle, I saw the only high school friend I’ve really kept in contact with – Denny Sargent.  But I’ve not heard from him for over 5 years.  I imagine he is still there.  I did bump into Pam Ruben in an Indian restaurant in North Hollywood a couple of years ago…

My life now is writing software, teaching game development in a technical college, and writing music.  I have one musical now that has an actual production date.  So there’s still hope even in your 50s.  I’ve played in my own band and in pit orchestras on both guitar & piano, written lots of educational software, some games, several musicals, game music, and some film scores.  I’ve always been ambitious, and I imagine I’ll stay this way until the 50th reunion and beyond.

Personally I’ve had my share of relationships, almost marriages, and now have been married to my wife Doris for about 9 years.  She is Chinese, a former ballet dancer, and now works for Farmer’s Insurance.  We have a 4 ½ year old girl – Naomi!  So I have to keep in shape and keep my energy up.  I should have done this when I was 25!

It will be great to catch up with everyone.  It seems I’ve been on a train the last 35 years, rushing somewhere, and it’s been difficult to get off.  There are moments that come back to me all the time from high school.  People and places, situations I’d like to revisit.  That’s what the future is for I guess.  Maybe everyone is in the same boat.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting you all again and sharing stories.


Paula Redd Zeman Paula Redd Zeman


Paula Redd Zeman is Commissioner of Human Resources for Westchester County. She started her career as an opera singer after having studied at Indiana University’s famed School of Music leading to successful performances throughout the United States and Europe to sell-out crowds.While on hiatus between performances Paula got involved in local politics and never looked back. In 1992 she was appointed Deputy County Clerk, in 1995 Deputy Commissioner of Elections and, in 1998, Commissioner of Human Resources where she is serving in her second six-year term of office.

As Westchester County Commissioner of Human Resources, Paula and her staff of 55 professionals carry responsibility for human resources administration for all County and Westchester Medical Center employees, as well as the employees of 120 other municipal agencies throughout Westchester County – over 30,000 full and part-time employees.

Among other organizations, Paula has been Chair of the Bedford Democratic Committee, Vice-Chair of the Black Democrats of Westchester and Chief of Staff and First Vice-Chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee. Ms. Zeman has served as Delegate to the Democratic National Convention and in 1996 was a member of the Electoral College that elected President Bill Clinton to his second term.

Paula has served on the Board of Directors for many organizations including the Municipal Administrator’s Association, the Harriman Society, the Westchester Arts Council, White Plains Youth Advisory Board, and the Music Conservatory of Westchester. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards and commendations from national, state and local elected officials as well as organizations such as the Westchester Black Women’s Political Caucus, the Yonkers YWCA, Women’s News, the African American Chamber of Commerce and the American Red Cross. Most recently she was the recipient of the President’s Achievement Award from the New York State Civil Service Commission for excellence in Human Resources administration.


Angela PageAngela Page

I left Rye High for Oneonta State, Oberlin College, and finally Rutgers U. finishing with degrees in education and library science.

At the same time I was pursuing the library degree (pre-kids) I was living in Greenwich Village on Bedford and Houston Street and running a folk music club in Greenwich Village called “Speak Easy” on MacDougal Street.  Out of there the fast folk musical magazine had its beginnings. Fast forward to now, and I have a radio show, (since 1993) on Public Radio WJFF in the Catskills. Some of the same performers used to stop by to play live. My show airs regularly on Saturdays at 11am following car talk. My show is at www.wjffradio.org/FolkPlus . There are archive shows at the archive site of the stations site at wjffradio.org – so you can listen to last week right now, for those of you into that kind of music. I do two hours on a theme… and work in whatever lyrically fits the theme.

I moved in 1983 up to Sullivan County to work with the Liberty School District. I became involved in local theatre and  performing gigs on guitar.

My work as a librarian and pretty much my social life as I knew it, came to an end in 2004 when I got poisoned at my job and then was fired for being ill. I now have MCS. This website has the story. www.LibertySchoolMold.com Much of my time in the past five years has involved court and dancing in the broken Workers’ Compensation system hoping for justice. MCS makes someone unable to process chemical fragrance, tobacco, gasoline, etc.  Many ill from 911 have MCS. This is a challenge when going out.  In October you will see me with my respirator as I must avoid fragrant lotions, hair and laundry products, (dryer sheets)etc which are no longer natural, but whose “nice smells” are generated from toxic chemicals, which cause me distress.

I have three awesome kids.  My son Malcolm, now 24, was a History/ Philosophy double major from Oneonta State is now with Missouri’s Americorps. He is a  a mover and shaker in their disaster and relief program. I cant decide if there are way more storms and disasters out there now he moved, or if I just am paying more attn. He earned their state volunteer of the year award just last month. Go Mal. My daughter Morgan graduated Columbia with a Philosophy/Economics degree and now works as a personal research assistant to David Weinstein of the Econ Dept. My daughter Miranda is heading to Spain for the fall with Syracuse University and is dabbling in film and communications with the Newhouse School and majoring in math (for now).

I married my longtime partner of the last 14 years, John, on Valentines Day of this year. Our whole service, because of my MCS was a radio wedding. It can still be heard at the archive site of the radio station under that date.  If you ever stream my show, give me an e mail and I will give a shout out. FolkPlus@wjffradio.org

See you in October. Hopefully the venue will not use chemical cleaners or fragrant candles etc and I can be inside as well as in the outside visiting.

Matt Frost James Matt Frost

Residence: Burlington, MA (since 1993), hometown of wife, Sue. Also the hometown of comics Amy Poehler and Steven Wright (haven’t met them yet but would like to).

First Learned I Was Getting Old: Visited my old college dorm room in 1992 and knocked on the door. Three coeds answered, and I told them that I had moved into that very room back in September 1974. The coed with a ring through her nose said, “Rad, dude! I was born in September 1974!”

Fan Affiliations: Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. (I’d like to think the Yankees and Giants miss my cheers, but I doubt it).

Post-RHS Contacts: Tim Stafford and Pete Smith by chance on campus in Michigan (1975); Simon Aldrich by chance in Virginia (1987) and in Rye (2008); John Freal by chance in Virginia (1984); Vinny Condro by chance through a colleague in Virginia (1986); Keith Skeans (Chicago 1977, Wash. DC 1984, Los Angeles 2006); George Groglio, Jeff Brown, Sandy Podesta, Keith Iarocci, Ted Carroll, and Rich Hulit during periodic visits to Rye; Jon Becker in Middletown, CT (2009).

For Fun: Playing with our four kids (7, 12, 13, and 15), who could be our grandchildren because we got such a late start. Before kids, aviation with the FAA Flying Club. Took up flying at a friend’s suggestion due to my fear of it from numerous business trips. Thought it might be fun, stuck with it, and eventually got private, instrument, and commercial licenses, unfortunately all for naught, as I’m still a nervous flyer.

After RHS: University of Michigan (BBA, accounting and finance, 1978). Back to school at night (MBA, finance and economics, 1982) while at Comerica Bank.

Career: Comerica Bank (Detroit), Manager, Commercial Lending, 1978-82; Michigan Consolidated Gas Company (Detroit), 1982-83, Manager, Corporate Finance; Primark Corporation (McLean VA/Waltham MA), 1983-1996, Director, Corporate Development/Mergers and Acquisitions; Four Sigma Corporation (Reading, MA), 1996-98, Director, Equities Trading and Research; “Invest With Data” business cooperative, since 1998, investment research, corporate valuations, and contract programming (automation of financial/economic data collection and analysis, polling, accounting, and billing).


Greg MorraGreg Morra

What do I do?

Financial Advisor; Ameriprise Financial since June 1982.  I also wear another hat on the Franchise Advisory Council; one of 30 elected advisors(of 10,000) in the nation who influence the direction(s) of the company for the benefit of clients, advisors and the corporation.

Past history:

Due to family circumstances in the summer after our high school graduation, I essentially left home and moved to Utica to live with one brother who’d begun his brief teaching career in Utica.  I worked various jobs to,survive and in 1982 I completed my licensing to become a financial advisor, a full commission career; a gusty move to make when your child is due to be born in a month, but I wanted to help people (and make money, of course).  When I’d go out for an evening appointment, Gregory (son) would ask, “Where are you going dad?” and I’d answer, “Gotta make money to buy toys!”  “Bye dad!”

I first married in 1978 and  Gregory II,  was born in 1982.  Eight years afterwards, Cynthia and I parted ways.  I married again in 1995, but that one lasted 8 years (Believe it or not, her name was “Joy”. Not.).   I’ve been single, again, since 2003 and currently have 3 pet companions (the “knuckleheads”); 2 collies and one cat.

I’ve been the President of the North Utica Kiwanis Club, President of North Utica Rotary and, since 1990, I’ve been an allocations panelist and chair for the Greater Utica United Way wherein I get to help those who cannot help themselves.  Currently chair of the Basic Needs/Emergency Services panel.

My passions include “giving to others expecting nothing in return, but the satisfaction I internalize having made another person’s day a little better from my efforts.”  It’s essentially my mantra.   I also love to sail the “Morra Less” (Geoff Lane, who graduated a year ahead of us, but was once a class member and a close friend—his dad was our superintendent—taught me the ropes and Jim Frank, who lived directly behind us in Rye, got a Sunfish that we had loads of fun keeping upright.) I remember sailing over the Long Island on Saturdays at 13 years of age and when asked by dad/mom, “What did you do today?” I’d answer, “Not much.”  I’ve become a pretty proficient gardener and enjoy creating beds of beauty around the house.  I call it “playing in the dirt”.  I also play league-level doubles racquetball, but, oddly enough, my 68 year old partner was recently arrested for burglary (“mobbed up”; who knew?), so I’ll be looking for someone new in that arena of my life, too!

I’m proudest of being Gregory’s father and what I do that helps others both professionally and via non profit work.

Dad’s just about to retire (!) as the oldest practicing Chiropractor in the country (89 years old) and lives in Harrison, Mom passed in 2001 in Houston.  My three older brothers and 2 younger sisters are scattered in either Houston, Davenport or the state of N.Y.  I’m commonly referred to as “number 4”.

It’ll be great to see cousin Michael Anechiarico after a 35 year hiatus and the rest of the class.  I’ve honestly not seen a soul from our class since 1974.

PS: If anyone’s ever traveling across upstate N.Y. or into the Adirondacks, say hello @ Exit 31.  You’re welcome to stop, stay, whatever.

Angela Rinaldi Angela Rinaldi Weaver

After graduation from Rye High, I attended Nursing school in Poughkeepsie, New York. I married Bill Weaver in 1977, who had joined the Navy. We traveled all over the country while he served in the submarine service for 24 years. We lived a few years in Groton, Connecticut, a few in Monterey, California, (absolutely beautiful but expensive), Norfolk, Virginia and then we finally settled in Jacksonville, FL where we have been for the last 20 years. I went back to school when the kids were semi-manageable and got my Bachelor of Science in Health Management from Southern Illinois and then went on to obtain my Masters in Health Administration from Central Michigan University.

We have 2 children. Our son Jason is 30. He has 2 children. He was a chef in Tallahassee and actually worked at the inauguration party. Unfortunately he was in a motorcycle accident and ended up in a coma for 3 months. Thankfully, I was able to participate in his care and had him transferred to Jacksonville where he now lives close by and is doing good (no more motorcycles). Our daughter lives in Seattle, WA and is married to a submarine sailor and also has 2 children (guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

I am currently working as an Administrator/director for an Infusion company that does home health and has an infusion suite that I run. I also work with the Association of Nurses in AIDS care and currently head the local chapter.

Bob Wolfe
Bob Wolfe

Shortly after graduating from high school I was diagnosed with Melanoma. After 3 years of extensive treatment my body healed and I have now been cancer free for 34 years. As a result of my body’s response, extensive research has been conducted and a vaccine has been developed based on my case history.

I have had a variety of jobs over the years but 3 years ago I returned to school and became a certified personal trainer. The area of health and fitness has been a passion of mine, especially since my illness, so I was excited to have the opportunity to work with others in this area. It is very important to me to help people with cancer be as functional and active as possible. In July 2009, I returned to school for an advance certification of Cancer Exercise Specialist.

I live in Colorado where I am very involved in my church, with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Cancer Action Network.

My hobbies include running and cycling. I have run in The Chicago Marathon, 7 half marathons, multiple triathlons and numerous cycling events, the most recent was the MS 150 – supporting multiple sclerosis, where I rode 175 miles in 2 days.


Sandy Podesta Sandy Podesta

I’m guilted in to sending my “bio” because I’m having so much fun reading all of yours! Here goes. Became a writer after college and have been loving it ever since. After stints writing ad copy at a publishing company, Chemical Bank and an ad agency, I went out on my own. I’ve created sales and promo pieces, newsletters, websites, even published a book along the way! Now, as a corporate trainer, I show people how to use e-mail, proposals, presentations etc. to get the results they need to succeed – it’s a blast! (BeforeYouHitSend.com) Recently launched an online resume workshop, too, for jobhunters. (Resume Room) The best part is that I always wanted to have my sisters as partners and I’m halfway there; Lauri has joined me part-time (she has her own business working with college-bound seniors.) I’m still working on Suzy, who is busy with three kids and a career in private banking.

On the personal side, after stints in St. Louis, Philadelphia and New York, I now live in Connecticut, am married to Ed Shanahan, have 853 kids, 1 grandchild and another on the way. The 850 are because he runs a boarding school so I’m the head mom, which I love although it is literally, not figuratively, a second job. It requires tons of travel and more than a few 18-hour days. When I find downtime, I sing (especially when cooking), chase stripers and fluke (thank you, Matt Frost!), garden, compost, and swim in any puddle big enough to hold me. No, no acting since RHS, although I did sing with the St. Louis Symphony and a few years ago, the boarding school asked me to participate in the spring musical so I played the Reverend Mother (typecast or miscast?) in the Sound of Music. Volunteer work includes the local symphony orchestra, Lyme disease and autism awareness.

With truckloads of thanks to Chris for his herculean efforts in gathering us and planning a gala event, I look forward to seeing you all in October!


Dan Schuster

Dan Schuster

After high school, I went to SUNY Stony Brook, billed as the UC Berkeley of the East. After college in ‘79, I got a little Datsun pickup, built a camper shell and traveled the country for about 6 months, running out of money in Berkeley. Stony Brook was a great school but it ain’t no Berkeley. I decided to stay the winter and then resume travels. Well, it’s ’09 and I never did resume traveling but settled down in the Bay Area.


I entered the construction industry, going from installer to sales engineer and now business owner. We are a rep for several lines of control instruments in Northern CA and Northern NV. I’m having a great time in this dual role as geek and salesman (geek is a complement in the Bay Area).


I married a yoga teacher in ’86 and that relationship lasted to ’90. I married again in ’93 to my wife Amy. We have two girls, 11 and 14. My oldest started high school which puts this reunion in another light.

I lived in SF proper for about 20 years, selling my house in ’06. We bought a little place in a great area in ’08, just after the bubble burst. The house needs a lot of work so I know what my hobby will be for the next few years. We live in Corte Madera, a small town just 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are in the area, drop me a line. It’s a lot like Rye in many ways so I guess I’m going back to my roots.

My hobbies include cooking, sailing, rafting and, of course, fixing up the house.

Post HS Contacts

I have not run into anyone from RHS ’74 since the last reunion at the city golf course back in ’84. My brother who lives in Houston is friends with Geof Lane and his wife, giving me periodic updates on their around the world sailing trip. I’m looking forward to seeing you all and getting reacquainted.

Three cheers for Chris and his organizational skills!


Chris Cohan

Christopher J. Cohan

In the blink of an eye 35 years have past. FIRST, thanks to Chris Albino for his tenacity.  If not for him, we would have remained silent. Instead, we are shyly lurking behind email, some venturing out to put virtual toes in the water and daring to expose ourselves to each other after such a long time.

I say jump in the deep end and see what happens. It’s great to have this chance to renew old friendships.

So, what have I been up to? Alas, I did not find the cure for cancer nor become a dot-com billionaire. No, I stumbled through life from one opportunity or mistake to another, only to wake up and find myself back in Rye. Yes, I live and work right here in our home town.

I remember looking at the inside cover of our yearbook way back when and being dumbstruck by the aerial view of Rye. I said to myself, “This tiny spot is my entire world? I’ve got to get out of here!”

I did and traveled many parts of the world. I went to a bunch of schools and received a few degrees. With sheepskins in hand and opportunities slight, I managed to start a company which built many of the Haagen-Dazs ice cream stores in the metropolitan area.

(Remember when Haagen-Dazs was such a specialty item?)

One sultry summer day I was killing time in downtown waiting for a NYC building permit. Trying to beat the heat, I was drawn into an open door blasting the best AC. It turned out to be the City Personnel Department. All I really wanted was to enjoy the cool air and, as a delaying tactic, I asked if there were any openings for landscape architects.  Well, I wound up working seven years for the NYC Parks Dept. designing parks and playgrounds all around the City. Somehow I became a labor leader too — who would have thunk? Anyway that’s another story.

Then I moved on and was appointed the Commissioner of the Stamford, CT Parks and Recreation Dept. A dream for any landscape architect.  I taught landscape design classes at the NY Botanical Gardens in my spare time until my wife, Rita, became pregnant and I discovered I had no more spare time. Funny how things happen — all of a sudden Rye seemed like the natural place to raise a family and back I came.  We have two terrific boys, Charlie-18 and Harry-15. Both students of Milton, Rye Middle and Rye High Schools just like me. Ouch!

I have made some good friends, but mostly acquaintances along the way.  However, I have remained close to a number of friends from elementary and high school. They are true friends, ones who aren’t shy to tell me when I’m a jerk and have been there through thick and thin. A special bond I am very thankful for.

Many days I ride my bike from home to office. I have been in private practice as a Landscape Architect for over 18 years.  My office has a modest seasonal view of the Sound and I can hear Playland during the summer months. I ride my bike across many of the same streets I did as a kid.

My work takes me around a bit but I still make time to tend my gardens. There’s nothing like fresh vegetables and too many fragrant flowers. Hmm, a most parochial life? Well, sort of. But as Voltaire wrote at the end of Candide, after having traveled the world and experiencing much, “We must cultivate our gardens.”

I dabbled in a few business ventures- all of them legal, which provided me with the freedom to pursue other interests. I helped build the nascent Friends of Rye Town Park into a large and vibrant not for profit which raised over two million dollars. I donated my services pro bono for well over a decade, producing a master plan for the park and designing and overseeing many of the improvements. It has been a pleasure helping to transform Rye Town Park, aka the beach, from a very sad and desperate space to a place of public pride.

I am also The Rye Record Garden Editor (www.ryerecord.com, if you wish to read about Rye).  Occasionally, I write for a couple of national periodicals. A few examples are on my website, www.chriscohan.com. Like everyone, I have my dreams. I would love to write a book, bike across the USA, discover a new plant, live to be 100, and always sleep peacefully.

Today, I am busy swimming and doing loads of crunches to get into some semblance of shape so that I may confidently show my face at the reunion. Otherwise, like any good chess player, I am constantly thinking three meals ahead.

Wishing everyone well and looking forward to reading about each of you.


Sarah Dickerson Brady 2008

Sarah Dickerson Brady

Attended Univ. of Washington and got my BS in Biologic Oceanography and climbed Mt. Rainier. Entered the Navy, worked in intelligence and analysis of Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems (IUSS) in Bermuda, Barbados, and Iceland. Provided evaluation and correlation of critical time-sensitive water borne acoustic data. It was in Iceland I met my husband to be, the CO of NavFac, Keflavik.

Two years later we married. During that interim I began instructing SCUBA on the side and doing my own research (marine) when time permitted.

Came stateside, got out of the Navy, went to work for CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) a defense contractor at Pt. Mugu, CA where I managed and interfaced with tactical users of integrated target tracking and remote control systems; included trajectory tracking of surface-to –air, air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles and associated targets from my remote San Nicolas Island (one of the Channel Islands). Free time included diving, photography and eating fresh ‘ab’ (abalone).

Married in ’85, lived in McClain, VA for a year then we relocated to San Diego where I resumed working for CSC but this time as a configuration agent for IUSS, initiating engineering change proposals to baselines when applicable and would submit to SPAWAR.

This went on until our one and only daughter Sarah Brooks was born in 1989.  We had salted the $$ away and decided we’d move to Lopez Island, roll society’s clock back and raise our daughter on one of the lovely San Juan’s in Puget Sound.  We were always home for her, that’s right – not working was part of the plan!  However, this non-work plan was actually more demanding that work itself.  This little rug rat had us book’in 24/7!

Time moved on swiftly and she became a Senate page in Olympia then attended the Congressional Student Leadership Forum in D.C. her sophomore year in high school.

This will be her junior year at Gonzaga University in Spokane where she has excelled in academics and is majoring in poly sci and criminal justice.

My passion remains in medical study, research and I am currently an EMT.  Scuba, running, riding, hiking, swimming, crabbing, and caring for our numerous animals are my hobbies which I enjoy on my time off.  None of which would be possible without the support of my best friend and husband.


Alice Fernandes Salvatore 2

Alice Fernandes Salvatore

Long ago, I was told from a wise man, “Everything you do, every person you meet, and all your experiences through life, good or bad, make you the person you are today”. I believe this to be true.

I grew up in a very strict and European household. I went to one dance all through high school. I was to wed a man from Portugal by 19. In my sophomore year of school, I took Karate classes. Showing off what I was taught in front of my house in Rye, I was flipped on to my back by a friend. I fractured three vertebrae and was in a hospital for 9 months. The thing is – it never crossed my mind that I could be paralyzed forever! I had operations and a spinal fusion. The teachers at Rye High School came down to the hospital ever week and gave me the coursework and even tests. Of course, I had straight A’s with no distractions! 🙂 Even the teachers at the Board of Cooperative Educational Systems, meet me once a week so I was not left back. They were all amazing! I eventually got out of the Hospital and continued with my life as if nothing happened. All fixed up, I graduated Rye High School. I was working full time as a Cosmetologist, even though I really wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I moved to NYC and broke off the wedding plans. I continued my education with Paul Mitchell NYC, Sassoon in California, L’Oreal Color in Toronto, and John Gunther School of Tricology. I traveled and made great money.

Early on, I loved to write. I have several poems and short stories published. I love to write deep and meaningful stories as well as comedies too. After all, life is funny at times. I met my husband Ron when I was 24 and was married in 1982. Soon after, we purchased a home in Katonah, NY. I have two children Alissa, 25, and Ronald, 22.I am a chairperson for Hopp Ground Garden Club. I am in charge of civic Beautification throughout Bedford, Katonah and Bedford Hills. I love to help people and children. I love many people from all walks of life. I surround myself with eclectic people. I belong to other organizations for the prevention of child abuse. I am a part of the Shriners, we raise money for Children’s Hospitals. I love to work with mentally challenged persons and children. I am a part of walks for breast cancer and autism. In 2001, I lost my Father to a long battle of cancer, beginning in 1983. In 2002, my sister, Mary, who is a year older then I had breast cancer. Today she beat it and is fine. In 2002, I went back to school for Paramedical Aesthetics and now work in Norwalk, Ct. for a cosmetic Surgeon Doctor Carol Cooper. I still work in a hair Salon in Bedford as well.

In 2003, I developed breast cancer – so at this point I am a pro. My family and friends were great through it all. I am fine and healthy today. What have I ultimately learned – not to sweat the small stuff.

My Mom still lives in Rye. I take her to Portugal every year. A beautiful little Blue house on the ocean that my Father built in1994. The property is in our family for 500 years. So you see I do not worry about life I just live it. And the Wise Old Man was my Grandfather.




I’m saddened at the loss of many of our class brothers and sisters. I grew up with many of these fine people, and many of them were my friends. I believe our fallen classmates are delighted to know we keep fond memories of them.

My mother is still kicking ass and living in La Jolla, CA. She still has her British accent, her sharp wit, her joie de vivre, and an amazing memory. Her eternal youthfulness is an inspiration. My brother has stayed pretty close to home, living in Rowayton and working in Stamford.

Life has been good. I’ve had thousands of wonderful experiences, with only a relative few experiences I’d rather not have had. I’ve walked away without a scratch from four total car wrecks, been knocked of motorcycles and bicycles by cars five times, had a misadventure driving an ATV a few years ago, and got a concussion in a bike accident a couple of years ago.

I survived a severe earthquake in Taiwan, trapped in a mountain village. People who tried to get out of the village were killed by landslides. I’ve experienced many sizeable earthquakes in Japan, although the big one in Kobe in 1995 that killed 6,400 people didn’t impact Tokyo much.

I loved trekking in the Golden Triangle in the 80’s, but once got caught in a gun fight between Myanmar army and Karen soldiers. It reminded me of when I’d been marched off a train at the Czech-Hungarian border with 3 machine guns pointed at me in the 70’s.

In central Papua New Guinea, locals had warned me of the dangers of going deep into the jungle on my own, but I wanted to see the bird of paradise in its natural habitat. A truck I had caught a ride on with locals was stopped by a large group of men armed with axes, bows and arrows, spears, machetes and clubs, on their way to attack a nearby, rival tribe. Ironically, I had partied with the country’s Prime Minister the night before. Also in PNG, I took a boat trip down the Sepik River toward the Irian Jaya border, intrigued to go to one of the last known areas in the world in which cannibalism was practiced.

I used to love diving: shark diving in Great Barrier Reef; diving among manta rays in Yap; diving in wonderful Palau; deep diving in PNG to see WWII Japanese plane wrecks.

In Malaysia, I walked from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Caves alongside Thaipusam devotees who pierce their bodies and faces with metal rods and hooks, while carrying sacred milk. Thaipusam may have been the most other-worldly thing I’ve ever seen. All-night shadow puppet shows in Bandung, Java, and various rituals in Bali have also been amazing experiences. I’ve had many wonderful experiences in Thailand.

Best bread I’ve ever eaten: hot roti bought on the street in Old Delhi, India. Best breakfast I’ve ever had: fresh yogurt and pita bread in an open market in Marrakesh, Morocco. Both cost pennies.

I lived on the beach in Crete, Greece as a beach bum. I used to hang out with Rastafarians in Jamaica. I had great times traveling in Scandinavia. I first went to China in 1986 and went back several times the past few years. I had a great time in Boracay, Philippines last year. I lived in Germany a few years, NYC for several years, and have lived in Japan the past 18 years. I’ll be embarking on a long international expedition this October.

I’m still addicted to rock ‘n roll. I saw Iggy Pop (with the original Stooges) a few years ago in a small club in Tokyo, and I felt 16 years old again. Also in Tokyo, I’ve seen Guns ‘ n Roses, RHCP, Aerosmith, David Bowie, the Stones, KISS, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Sex Pistols, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and an awesome Mr. Big reunion concert in Budokan two months ago.

Thank you, Chris! Peace to All


Sarah Lane Sarah Lane

Hi old buddies!

It is with great surprise to myself that I am happy to return to Rye, NY for our 35th high school reunion and I thank everyone of you for the portrait that each of you represents. Thank you Cindy G. for finding me on facebook and connecting me to the Wizard of party planning: Chris.


Rye High School. I left in a daze, a combination of drugs and pot, and the homefront. Without any direction I worked for a year at Union Carbide until a nice guy suggested I go to college. I applied to a small private school in Washington State where Wendy Beaudry (cousin to Roy Robinson) was going. I had a plan to transfer to California after I got my feet wet.

I graduated from University of Puget Sound with a degree in French, and without a degree in nutrition since I failed miserably at organic chemistry and they dropped the nutrition program in favor of foot ball expansion.

I moved up to Seattle and a new life was literally buzzing. Seattle in 1981, had one tall building and men still wore plaid flannel shirts downtown. Starbucks was a coffee distributor with one outlet at the Pike Place Market. I worked menial jobs (ok, at a bike shop and a cookie shop) until once again, I was stirred to do something else. Long and short if it is Naturopathic Medicine. I was close to the clinic and they fixed up my achilles tendonitis. I was into health foods and it all made sense. I thought I would travel to France and come back and write about their use of herbs, but by the time I graduated I was being a doctor and continued to do so.   I graduated from John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1988, sat for board exams and started practice with a wonderful M.D. who taught me so much.

In 1991 I moved to ten magical acres in the Mission Valley of Montana. Miraculously there was a doctor looking for a naturopath! Speed forward, I have been a naturopathic doctor for over twenty years, and live in Missoula, Montana. It has been a general family practice, lots of wonderful patients and healing.
Naturopathic medicine is my passion, my politics, a voice of common sense in the world, applicable to one and all. It is a never-ending learning process, health and healing.

My other passion is hiking in the mountains and although we have beautiful rivers and I have tried kayaking, canoeing, rafting- I would rather walk, and get up high. Many think of the west as a place to get a horse and go riding, no, I’d rather walk. I do have cowboy boots though and put on the urban cowgirl look.

In the last four years I did hit a travel theme and ended up seeing a few far away places. Thailand, Turkey, Costa Rica, Nepal/Tibet, Belize. Of course there are stories to each travel, more than can be written here.

I never thought I would return to Rye, New York. I see the beauty of seeing everyone as the kind and varied personalities and we meet on common ground 35 years later. Having been through the teen years together, we all know that that is a challenging developmental time. We influenced and witnessed each other at that time and it can never to be repeated. I look forward to celebrating our journey.

Sarah Lane, ND

1805 Bancroft St.

Suite 1

Missoula, MT 59801

(406) 541-3040


Eileeen Bennett Colleary

Always seemed to know what I wanted to do…….Engineering.  After leaving RHS and realistically Rye (I only came back for 2 summers after graduation.) I enrolled in Colorado School of Mines located in Golden, Colorado.  This is the same Golden Colorado that is home to Coors Brewery.  “Mines” students are known to take the “short tour” at the brewery, which means they go straight for the free samples avoiding the tour entirely.  At Mines I met my husband Bill.  We eloped in Reno right after he graduated in 1977.  After we married I returned to school and Bill moved to Midland, Texas.  Bill is an Exploration Geologist.  In 1978, I graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a BSc in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering.  Right out of school I joined Bill in Midland Texas working in the oil field running oil well drilling crews.  After a year we decided that Texas was not for us and the call of Colorado was too strong.  We moved back to Colorado in the summer of 1979.  I took a job with Conoco at their Denver Refinery as a Process Engineer and was there for about 5 years.

I am now working for Sundyne Corporation.  In fact I just celebrated 25 years with them.  Sundyne is a manufacturer of high speed centrifugal pumps and compressors used in Refineries, Chemical plants, power plants, etc.  All of the equipment is custom made.  I have had many engineering positions with them.  I am currently the Contracts Manager.  I have a group of Engineers that manage the contracts.  We are responsible for the order from receipt until we receive payment.  These engineers do the design and generate bills of material.  So basically, I have moved from Chemical Engineering to Mechanical Engineering.

Enough about work.  Bill and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary.  We have 4 children.  Michael, 27 who graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Biology and Animal Science.  He currently works for the State of Colorado in their Vet teaching hospital.  He would like to become a Vet.  He is engaged to be married in July.  He is the owner of my “grand-dog”.

James, 25 who graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  He has however been unable to find a job, and lives with us.  He is currently my chef and errand runner. Shannon, 20, who is a junior at University of Northern Colorado.  She is taking Photography.  She started as Graphic Design student and has more artistic talent than all of us combined. Thomas, 12 who is in 7th grade.  He is my miracle baby—born 10 weeks premature.  Though he still is small, there have been no lasting effects from the early birth.  He plays baseball, the viola and of course video games.  He would like to be an architect.

Bill and I were able to fulfill one of our dreams in 2000.  We built the house that we currently live in.  We live on 7 acres in Franktown, Colorado (about 30 miles southeast of Denver).  The property is a mixture of prairie and pine tress, with a gorgeous view of the Rockies and Pikes Peak especially.   Our 3 dogs regularly have “run-ins” with the local wildlife—-deer, skunks, and porcupines.  Fortunately they have avoided the mountain lion and the bear.

In my “spare” time I love to sew, especially quilting.  For me a day without either quilting or sewing is a day without sunshine.  Bill has indulged my “habit”.  He recently bought me an embroidery machine.  Since the embroidery machine is completly computerized, I am able to sew on 2 machines at once.

I am also a Breast Cancer survivor—-4 years.  Went through the whole thing, surgery, chemo and radiation.  I can’t thank Bill, my family and coworkers enough for all their support.  Going through this puts everything into perspective.  My next goal is to retire early and enjoy!

Eileen (Bennett) Colleary



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